Aaron Gaston On the Issues

Local Economy

Ventura has a shortage of quality companies with good-paying jobs, causing many residents to commute for work. Encouraging businesses to call Ventura home is good for the overall health of our citizens and our community. It reduces traffic, air pollution, and brings in much-needed tax revenue.



I will be a champion of preserving our natural resources and fight for policies that reduce our global footprint so we can all enjoy a clean and healthy community.


Public Safety

To have a robust and healthy community, we must have a safe City. I will support our incredible first responders and public safety officers by providing them the tools they need to better protect and serve our community.



Ventura has taken a step in the right direction with ARCH, our new year-round shelter, and I would continue to support projects like this and others that address homelessness. Mental health services and drug addiction intervention is essential for us to reduce our homeless population and help our most vulnerable.

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