Aaron Starr On the Issues

Local Economy

Oxnard is losing businesses and jobs to neighboring cities. To make Oxnard more competitive I’ll work to reduce the costly and bureaucratic city regulations that stifle business growth. I will support economic reforms like “Permit Simplicity” that will attract high wage jobs, and help our local businesses generate needed revenues for other city services.



There is a backlog of millions of dollars in major repairs that are needed for our streets and alleys. Oxnard’s deteriorating infrastructure is hurting our ability to attract businesses and making our streets more dangerous for residents. I will work actively to make the repair of our city streets and sidewalks a major priority. I will actively engage with our state and federal representatives to secure additional funding for needed safety repairs.


Government Accountability

This City Council has approved massive increases in compensation for hundreds of City Hall employees. And they plan to increase salary and pension costs by almost $19 million per year in the next four years. I will work to reverse this. City Hall has become wasteful and unresponsive. Now they demand that voters adopt Measure E to increase the City's sales tax rate from 1.5% to 3%. That's unreasonable.


In 2016, my wife and I launched a ballot measure approved by 72% of Oxnard voters to overturn the City Council’s 87% sewer rate increase. And last year we spearheaded the effort to qualify four measures for this November's ballot:

  • Measure F - To fix the city's broken permit system so that we can bring higher paying jobs to Oxnard,

  • Measure L - To increase financial transparency & make City Hall accountable for their performance,

  • Measure M - To mandate that council meetings be held during the evenings so more can attend, and

  • Measure N - To require that City Hall repair the streets.


Public Health, Safety, Police

I will work to increase police patrols in our neighborhoods, parks and schools. I will support tougher measures to crack down on the city’s nearly 1,200 known criminal gang members. By reducing administration costs at City Hall and focusing on essential services, Oxnard can focus its resources on expanded community policing to better protect public safety.

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