Al Adam On the Issues

Issue statements by candidates are quoted from public media statements either direct or edited for brevity.


  • Keep our residents safe and healthy by continuing to provide adequate testing and promoting efforts to reduce the COVID infection rate

  • Keep our residents in their homes

  • Help our local businesses rebound while maintaining and creating new jobs

  • Provide the essential City services that our residents expect while keeping a balanced budget


Public Safety

  • Maintain our strong commitment to public safety including Police, Fire, Emergency Medical Services and Emergency Management to ensure Thousand Oaks remains one of the safest cities in California


Fiscal Responsibility

  • Operate City government in a fiscally and managerially responsible and prudent manner to ensure that Thousand Oaks remains one of California’s most desirable places to live, work, visit, recreate and raise a family

  • Ensure that the General Fund always remains balanced and sound financial policies are followed

  • Identify long-term challenges and put into place mitigations before challenges become issues. My efforts have already been successful as our reserves are strong and I believe will carry us through any obstacle that comes from COVID-19.

  • Maintain our strong S&P AA+ financial rating


Jobs & Economic Growth

  • Advance the development of our innovative BioTech company hub for life sciences and technology which will drive young professionals to our City by providing high paying scientific and managerial jobs.

  • Listen to our major employers by revitalizing our Downtown as a means to recruit and retain talent.

  • Continue to attract highly trained people to provide a skilled employment base for our local businesses.


Senior Citizens

  • Provide more quality, affordable senior housing in our community

  • Continue to pursue opportunities for assisted living facilities

  • Maintain essential senior services such as the Goebel Senior Center, Meals on Wheels and Dial-A-Ride

  • Continue assistance via Community Development Block Grants for the quality of life of our seniors


Revitalize Thousand Oaks Boulevard

  • Highlight our downtown core with an infrastructure project that creates places for our friends and neighbors to gather and socialize

  • Attract cafes, bistros, restaurants and shops to make Thousand Oaks Boulevard an economic engine and a day and nighttime destination

  • Install new landscaping, lighting, street furniture and pedestrian-friendly walkways

  • Provide high-quality, entry-level housing to attract young professionals and to help our young citizens stay in T.O.


Environmental Protection

  • Maintain our environmentally conscious approach to the <1% of developable land which will allow people to live and to work in the City while cutting commute times and reducing greenhouse gasses

  • Continue to add to our over 15,000 acres of open space to support our “Ring of Green” around the city

  • Protect our wildlife by preventing the use of commercial toxins such as rodenticides which adversely harm our environment

  • Sustain our oak tree ordinance to preserve our community’s natural heritage

  • Reduce our reliance on single-use disposable plastics to become a more environmentally conscious community

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