Al Adam On the Issues

Issue statements by candidates are quoted from public media statements either direct or edited for brevity.

Entry-level and affordable Housing

We need more entry-level housing for our youth and more affordable housing for our seniors, including expansion of assisted living facilities. Since the City of Thousand Oaks is built out, it is important that we strategically develop infill projects that incorporate these types of housing. We are an aging city and it is vital that we attract the next generation that will keep our city strong. I support work with developers to balance their need for market rate housing with an affordable housing component. The city council has a responsibility to create a public benefit with any proposed development.


Thousand Oaks Boulevard

I support revitalizing Thousand Oaks Boulevard with some mixed-use projects in conjunction with restaurants, shops, bistros, and cafes that will create a walkable, sustainable, pedestrian-friendly town center. 


Local economy: development versus stagnation

Ideally, I would like Thousand Oaks residents to live and work in Thousand Oaks. I have recruited many new businesses, including Mercedes AMG, BOCOM, PennyMac, Dole Packaged Foods, Lowes, Easton, Nordstrom Rack, DSW and Dick’s Sporting Goods. This has generated hundreds of new jobs. I have spoken with many employers in town and they all agree that my approach to mixed-use development and revitalizing our boulevard will create the housing and lifestyle that is currently in demand. I support revitalizing Thousand Oaks Boulevard with some mixed-use projects in conjunction with restaurants, shops, bistros, and cafes that will create a walkable, sustainable, pedestrian-friendly town center. I support finding a permanent location here for the Rams in-season training camp. This is exactly what they need to attract a more skilled workforce to our community and create an even more successful business climate.


Government reform

I supported campaign finance reform to widen electoral participation; and term-limits, which passed overwhelmingly and will bring fresh ideas and perspectives to our City Council. I am a fiscal conservative and have supported pension reform to save residents of Thousand Oaks millions of tax dollars each year. I believe it is important for us to identify long-term challenges and put into place mitigations before those challenges become major issues.


Public safety

Our Community Attitude Study indicated that public safety is a top priority for our residents, and it is a top priority for me as a member of City Council. Accordingly, the largest percentage of our budget is dedicated to law enforcement, which is doing an excellent job. In every year since I was elected, the FBI has rated our city as the No. 1 safest city in the state of California with a population of over 100,000. In addition, we have risen from the fourth- to the second-safest city in the United States.


The environment

I will continue to support adding to our over 15,000 acres of open space to complete our Ring of Green around the city. I support preservation of our community’s natural heritage by protecting our oak trees. I support implementing the findings of the groundwater study and tap into our many dormant wells to reduce imported water dependence by up to 10 percent. We can lower the quantity of water imported from the Metropolitan Water District. I support protection of our wildlife by implementing my initiative to ban the use of commercial toxins that harm our environment.



Thousand Oaks needs a transit master plan with supplements from the latest in ride sharing such as Uber, Lyft and driverless vehicles. Public-private partnerships are the best way to deliver efficient, low-cost and responsive transit

Cultural Arts Development

I believe in continuing city support for our local nonprofit resident theater and music companies that provide cultural arts enrichment to our community. I support merger between the Civic Arts Plaza Foundation and the Alliance for the Arts. I support in our budget the continuance of community and cultural programs and services such as performing arts/theaters, libraries, TOTV, visual arts, youth and senior programs.

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