Amy Callahan

Issue statements by candidates are quoted from public media statements either direct or edited for brevity.


Equity and Access

I will work to ensure our scholars have equitable opportunities to high-quality teaching and learning experiences that provide 1:1 continuous distance and hybrid in-person tools, resources and social emotional supports. The District must provide access to devices and connectivity, equitable representation and progress as outlined in the VUSD Learning Continuity Plan. 


Social Justice, Diversity, Inclusion

I will work to ensure all students are literate by the end of third grade, and are afforded college and career pathways. Social justice/cultural proficiency training, along with ethnic studies graduation requirements should be reflected in the district priorities and organizational culture.


Community and Collective Impact

Facilitating the Ventura community at large to collaborate, partner and support a collective impact approach is one of my top priorities. It is an approach that will help the District address continuous learning with a focus on pupil learning loss, meaningful outreach to our parents and families, and high-quality teaching.

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