Barbara Brown On the Issues

Health and Safety

The effect of the Covid-19 pandemic on home, family and the economy is critical right now. Mitigating the emotional and financial impact of COVID and making plans for the future requires that we think creatively to keep our community safe, but keep our economy strong. Ideas like making it easy to open parking lots for businesses would go a long way to keeping our economy sound. I intend to engage community leaders in problem resolution through collaboration; opening up opportunities to assist both our small businesses and larger concerns to flourish, using every tool in our COVID arsenal.


Water and Environment

These two issues go hand in hand. Clean water comes from a clean environment and creating open space is a part of that. I am committed to maintaining high-quality air and water by reducing water waste, eliminating one-time use plastics, and creating a more bicycle-friendly community that will reduce carbon emissions. Over the last two years, I worked on a bipartisan federal climate change initiative—the carbon fee and dividend legislation, H.R. 763—co-sponsored by Harley Rouda. I’ve worked as a leader to build the Ventura Botanical Gardens for over a decade. I support the Ventura Land Trust and the work of the Rancho Ventura Conservation Trust.



Providing housing, working with behavioral healthcare organizations and community non-profits to mitigate the negative aspects of homelessness will take a thoughtful and multi-pronged approach. Innovative ideas that I support include reducing restrictive and expensive building codes, as variances specifically for homeless living will go a long way towards creating housing opportunities. My experience working on the Advisory Board with Ventura County’s Interface Children and Family Services to assist with homelessness for families, and on the Board of Directors for Goodwill Industries of Ventura and Santa Barbara Counties to help those in need were both eye-opening. I will use my knowledge and experience from those organizations as I champion this cause.



Having lost my home in the Thomas Fire, I recognize first-hand, the importance of community safety. Tragically, there are still those whose lives are still not back to normal. That needs to be rectified. We also need to make sure we are prepared for a future where this could happen again, and only through fire prevention, preparation and planning can we do that.


General Plan

We have a big job ahead of us with the design of our new General Plan. With water, housing, and homeless issues along with open space, outdoor and transportation opportunities, your vision for the future of Ventura is important. As your Councilmember, I will be accessible; listening to your ideas, then communicating them into the new General Plan. I have a background in strategy, planning and communication but more importantly I have the passion to make sure that our plan for the future is the best for Ventura.

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