Caitlin Barringer On the Issues

Issue statements by candidates are quoted from public media statements either direct or edited for brevity.


Local Economy

I seek smart economic growth for the city. Conversations with Santa Paula Chamber of Commerce and city business owners have already begun. We must continue growth in our downtown district and East Area 1.  This would include making sure current revenues for the city increase and that we are looking at potential new revenue sources to develop and grow our infrastructure. I plan to continue supporting public works to ensure our five-year maintenance plans for roads and maintenance are on task and continuing as planned and timely.

Government transparency and accountability

We must substantially improve our intra-community relations especially for the underrepresented residents.  We must make sure every voice is heard and that there are safe places (i.e. community forums, tasks forces, mental health, social services) for concerns to be understood. I seek to encourage community involvement through the volunteer community program, making youth programs a priority, and ensuring there is a next generation of leadership and diversity within the community.


Public Safety

Public safety will be a top priority, including the development of better resources for innovative training of our first responders.

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