Carmine Ramirez On the Issues

Issue statements by candidates are quoted from public media statements either direct or edited for brevity.

Local economy

I am even now working diligently to bring our economy back from shutdown. Companies need collaboration with our local colleges and high schools to give youth training for good local jobs. Accessible Internet for homes and businesses is also essential for today’s economy. The county Workforce Development agency will continue to provide re-entry training and apprenticeships for those needing a second chance for good jobs, including displaced workers, women and veterans.  My focus will be on emerging jobs of the future and jobs in renewable energy that will make for a healthier environment. I will make sure that workers in changing industries will not be left behind, but have the training needed for new jobs and for those that can’t, appropriate safety-net protections. I will be responsive and transparent in deciding about how tax revenue is spent. I will promote an incentive to industries that hire local residents and preference for local vendors as I did in Oxnard. Essential workers will be protected. I am working to get small businesses the support needed to survive and thrive. 

Renewable Energy

We need a just transition to a renewable energy future, which is where good jobs are growing and superseding the fossil fuel jobs now in our economy. We concurrently need a safety net to provide for those whose livelihood depends on the oil industry. I led our City Council to join the Clean Power Alliance, the Community Choice Aggregator which now serves Ventura County and most of our Cities. Clean Power Alliance is purchasing clean, renewable energy to serve a million customers of CPA, ultimately investing in our communities in projects, which will increase renewable energy into the grid, provide jobs, community benefits, and have lower energy charges than those of the investor-owned utility.


Affordable Housing and Homelessness

I support more housing, without sprawl, including transit-oriented housing, so people can get out of their cars, take public transportation and reduce pollution. The lack of housing stock and the increase in rents have contributed to the homelessness crisis, Without more affordable housing, many people, especially younger people who would like to have families, will move away from our community and their families. We need to do this so that businesses can find workers who will be able to find appropriate housing, including apartments, townhomes and single-family homes. We also need more supportive housing for people with disabilities and other health issues, including mental health.


Public Safety and Immigration Reform

Two years ago with the support of two council members, not including the Mayor, we passed an Oxnard Safe City resolution, drafted by our Chief of Police, Scott Whitney. Safe City confirms the city’s long-standing policy of encouraging immigrants to seek help from our police and fire departments in emergencies when they are victims of crime or witnesses to it. It does not provide sanctuary to violent criminal immigrants. Oxnard is a majority Hispanic city, many residents are here doing the essential, hard work of harvesting our fields, caring for our children and elderly. We need comprehensive immigration reform to allow all of our families to thrive and local leadership that will stand up for ALL of the residents of the County.


Climate Change

As a coastal county, we are being affected by sea-level rise, wildfires, drought, much of which is attributed to a warming climate. Ventura County is on track to become warmer than other parts of California. I will vote for and initiate policy improvements that will help our county deal with this crisis. We must get ready for sea rise to affect everything on our coast. There is no doubt that fossil fuels, including oil and gas, are contributing to the rise in greenhouse gases, which are affecting us not just here in Ventura County but globally. Our children and future generations will condemn or praise us based on our response.


Access to Healthcare

The county government oversees the health care system, including public health, medical services, the hospital and clinics, and behavioral health. I will work to ensure that there is an equitable provision of services that are linguistically and culturally appropriate. I also support a single-payer system so that we can ultimately save money, have better health outcomes and relieve the burden of paperwork and bureaucracy on patients and their health care providers.

Fisherman's Wharf

I will build better relationships among residents, the county (government) and stakeholders for revitalization of this vital economic driver of tourism and recreation, which is a gateway to the Channel Islands. Development will be appropriate, so all can enjoy its benefits. 

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