Dan White On the Issues

Issue statements by candidates are quoted from public media statements either direct or edited for brevity.


Upgrade and Expand High Schools

Upgrading the quality and increasing the number of district high schools will enable a better classroom and academic experience, provide higher-quality educational resources, and increase participation in the arts and athletics.


Expand criteria for student success

Establish a more broadly-defined view of student success that includes: academic achievement, independence, self-esteem, character development, teamwork and social engagement, leadership and mental health.


Financial Management

Our schools no longer face insolvency, and the Simi Valley Unified School District has received its highest-ever bond rating (AAA). Teachers and students have greater access to technology. Students are better prepared for college and high-tech careers. I will continue to push for improvements in board governance and school management.


Technology in the classroom

I led the plan to deploy of dozens of new technologies including WiFi networks, 800 smart projectors and 17,000 Chromebooks. Every student has benefitted from these technologies.

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