Daniel Groff On the Issues

Vacancy Rate

With the unpredictable post-COVID future, we need to approach vacancy differently than just a real estate transaction of finding a business to fill the empty shell. I am committed to looking at each development with new eyes and exploring the possibility of rezoning or converting to mixed use.


Roads and Traffic

Widening L.A. Ave., adding a weigh station and widening Princeton have been campaign issues and promises for many years. Although I would love to promise I will get this done, much of this relies mostly on CalTrans. What I can do as your representative is diligently reach out to state resources and leaders who have more pull than just our city to attempt to speed up this process. I have already made calls to state legislators who indicated that years have passed without calling the CalTrans delays to their attention.



High Street was once a destination gathering place and it is my priority to return it to those roots. I believe in renovating downtown so much that I recently purchased a building on High Street and moved my office there. We are currently undergoing much needed renovations to bring a restaurant space to the downstairs part of the building.



Ventura County has a housing need and the passing of SOAR (Save Open Space and Agricultural Resources) has forced developers to only explore undeveloped land within city limits. This means that it is inevitable that areas such as Hich Ranch north of Poindexter and Pacific Communities at Leta Yancy Road will be developed. As your representative on council, I commit to working to ensure that the proper infrastructure is in place before those new developments come and that we are respectful of the existing neighborhoods privacy, traffic and quality of life.

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