Diedre Frank On the Issues


Oxnard is Ventura County’s largest city, yet our landscaping, parks, roads and sidewalks are in worse condition than they’ve been in years. I will ensure these areas are a top funding priority to make Oxnard the crown jewel we all deserve.


Economy and development

Oxnard’s Downtown, Fisherman’s Wharf, and Campus Park have the potential of being true gems in our community. As Mayor, I will ensure these areas are developed for the benefit of the entire community. I am in favor of Measure E, which will raise the sales tax to protect maintenance of parks and recreation, libraries and special needs services.


Police reform and systemic racism

I support the State legislative attempts to force revelation of prior discipline so to eliminate errant officers from being hired elsewhere in the State. I support re-directing some funds to enhanced youth programs, social justice awareness training and cultural understanding among our very diverse population.

Homelessness and affordable housing development

More and more the State is intervening as a result of local municipalities not taking action. Oxnard is REQUIRED to approve ADUs (Accessory Dwelling Units) and grant density bonuses when affordable housing is included in a development project. State funding has been awarded to provide for acquisition of property for permanent homeless housing. Oxnard is moving ahead with the purchase of the Vagabond Motel for this purpose. Oxnard is also moving forward with a multifaceted center in downtown.


Transition from oil drilling and fracking to renewable energy. 

Oxnard has borne the brunt of dirty energy.  Finally the County is imposing perimeter boundaries for oil drilling and fracking operations. Many argue these are insufficient to protect nearby residents.  I was a firm opponent to the development of the Mandalay Peaker power plant and continue to advocate for the removal of the Ormond and Mandalay Power plants.  Oxnard now has an agreement that will allow Ormond to continue to function for 3 years, with the monies received placed in trust (estimated at $25M) to pay for the demolition of this plant.


Treatment of immigrants seeking asylum

I do not think our Constitution stops at the border. This is about basic human rights and access to our judicial system, which should award asylum where justified.


Fisherman’s Wharf redevelopment

As Chair of the Oxnard Planning Commission, I guided the City through the Local Coastal Plan Amendment demanded by the County. Oxnard denied the Amendment and was upheld by the California Coastal Commission. This is public space and should remain so.

New City Manager and City Budget

Oxnard has finally got a financial team that straightened out the decades of failed budget oversight.  Our City Manager is very proactive with good understanding of private/public improvement collaborative effort and I look forward to working with him to clean up our City so we can enjoy the place we chose to call home for our families. I have been, and will continue to be, a watchdog over the city’s spending and overseeing tight fiscal controls.

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