Illece Buckley Weber On the Issues

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The City Council has funded, and I support the creation of a climate action plan, a two-part initiative that calls for the city to determine its greenhouse gas baseline, then design a plan to reduce those gases. We must reduce our carbon footprint, and that effort begins here in Agoura Hills. I’d like our city to partner with our trash removal companies to educate residents about recycling in the 21st century, the importance of separating food waste, and shifting from recycle to reuse and then recycle. I am actively promoting LVMWD’s “Drink from the Sink” campaign aimed at dispelling the notion that tap water is unclean. The consumption of safe tap water also reduces the amount of plastic water bottles that are dumped into the environment. I am in favor of the Local Coastal Plan in the Santa Monica Mountains, and spearheaded unanimous support in favor of Alternate D to expand the borders of the National Park Recreation Area to include our entire city. I am a strong supporter of the Santa Monica Mountains Conservancy’s efforts to create a wildlife crossing at Liberty Canyon.


Water and power

I have lead the effort to naturalize the flood control channel restoring Medea Creek to its natural habitat. I continue to support reaching out to encourage the Las Virgenes Municipal Water District to expand the delivery of reclaimed water to Agoura Hills. Our residents need to think about where the power they’re consuming comes from, and what they can do to help minimize our water usage. I support the city’s decision to join the Clean Power Alliance, which gives our residents the ability to choose what percentage of their energy is from renewable sources. This transition is something that I fully believe in.



I support the forming of a Tourism District to help local businesses boost city revenue. Adopted in 2008, the Agoura Village Specific Plan incorporates almost 300 new multi-family apartment and condominium units and up to 570,000 square feet of commercial development. Building size is limited to two stories for residential buildings and three stories for those that have homes above and stores below. The plan comprises 300 acres along Agoura Road between Kanan and Cornell Roads that are divided into seven zones with unique allowable uses and development standards. I support the addition of green building standards and ensuring that the development does not create a risk of future wildfires.



The city’s future well-being depends on its ability to attract the next generation of homeowners. An environmentally responsible community will help our local businesses thrive and maintain our high home values. Future generations will want to visit and relocate to our city.


Public safety

New sidewalks and bike lanes along Agoura Road and a new sidewalk at Yerba Buena Elementary School will enhance public safety.



I support the education ballot Measure on November 3 to help LVUSD achieve a stable funding source for our schools.

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