John Zaragoza On the Issues

Issue statements by candidates are quoted from public media statements either direct or edited for brevity.


Measure E

I will support our taxpayers’ response to the proposed Oxnard 911 safety, medical response, financial recovery and accountability measure as proposed by the City of Oxnard. The 1.5 cents will assist the city General Fund to provide and maintain emergency response, natural disaster, public health/emergency preparedness, prevent fire station closures and other essential services. It is a health and safety issue.

City Budget

Oxnard needs to improve the general fund reserves that are extremely low — $17 million down to $3 million. This is not adequate funding. I hope we don’t have another major disaster like COVID-19. It will be extremely difficult for Oxnard to weather more financial crisis. There are areas that cannot be cut.

I believe the public, employees, top administrators and union leaders need to sit together to look at areas of the budget that can be reduced. Management and employees would need to work on finding more equity revenue and local economics to increase revenue. We need to support the life line, health and safety departments: water, wastewater and public safety. 

Fisherman's Wharf

The most recent Fisherman’s Wharf project has had numerous concerns between the city and county of Ventura. The Coastal Commission’s most recent recommendations are to have the city and county get together to solve their differences. We must have a project that all of us can agree with; it needs to be a place that the whole county can enjoy.k

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