Kevin Kildee On the Issues

Issue statements by candidates are quoted from public media statements either direct or edited for brevity.


What are the most pressing issues Camarillo faces?

First, we need to continue our street maintenance and infrastructure program. With the revenue created with our sales tax, we put some of that money into our pavement management program and install traffic lights when they are needed so our traffic flows at maximum capacity. I will make sure that enough funds are available to continue maintaining our streets.


Water and open space 

As we approach buildout of our city, new development builders will have to come up with a plan that does not require new amounts of water on our system. They will do this by low flush toilets, drought resistant plants, and water conservation policies. Any new development must be water neutral. As far as open space, we have worked very closely with the park district and builders to make sure we have adequate open space and parks to serve our residents.


Old Town Camarillo

I support economic development strategies, such as the mixed-use project at Ventura Boulevard and Fir Street, the Cedar Oak mixed-use project between Cedar Drive and Oak Street and work on a use for the former fire station. New strategies for business and cultural development must be deployed.

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