Margaux Bangs On the Issues

Issue statements by candidates are quoted from public media statements either direct or edited for brevity.

Public Safety

I plan to reduce the police budget in order to invest in other social services that will organically reduce crime by increasing community well being. By re-allocating funding to youth programs we will help our most at-risk youth (see Youth Programs).

Our community center does not have a generator which, during a wildfire that coincided with a power outage, meant we had residents evacuating all the way to Camarillo. With an aging population and many who don’t have access to transportation, that is a risk to public safety. We should install more bike lanes/paths so we can have a safe alternative to driving.

Health and Human Services

Work with the county to ensure that Santa Paula has a more equitable share of social service resources like mental health and substance abuse counseling.  


Affordable Housing

Support the development of affordable housing and prioritize availability for current residents. Encourage development that leads to affordable home ownership and rents. 


Youth Programs

Santa Paula should invest in recreational programs, mental health services and job training/counseling. Building food sharing program/youth-led community garden.

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