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Support for English-Language Learner (ELL) programs

Diversifying programs to meet the strengths and serve the weaknesses of students is crucial to provide successful paths for academic and social development. From shared best practices, I believe that ELL can grow, gaps in achievement can be bridged and college and career preparation can be advanced.


Arts education and STEM curriculum

It’s important that students, who learn in different ways, have a pathway that best suits their learning style. For some, that may mean a traditional or honors track, an academy like Calabasas High’s Academy of Mefia Entertainment, an Independent or Home Study option or a hybrid. I am impressed when the A=Arts is added to STEM learning for STEAM The powerful connection between the two realms shouldn’t be ignored.


Solutions for achieving funding goals in the eight priority areas

Due to the funding formula for Las Virgenes Unified School District under the  state Department of Education’s Local Control and Accountability Plan, we sit in the lowest 10% of funding in the state. That requires LVUSD to look for partnership with our cities, our foundation, our parents and the community. In addition, we look for the availability of grants to fund programs and continue to advocate on behalf of our students regarding state and federal funding.

Mathy Wasserman On the Issues

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