Misty Perez On the Issues

Local Economy


Special focus needs to be placed on our small businesses, making it easier for their growth and longevity and creating ways for new businesses to open.


The marijuana dispensaries brought in a lot of much needed financial resources, but it may not be able to sustain that type of revenue. Dispensaries will soon start to open in our neighboring communities and people will go to what is convenient. 

Port Hueneme needs to invest in infrastructure that we already have. We need to use that money and build for long-term growth.   We have several empty spaces of land that have just sat, undeveloped, for years. We need to come up with ideas to build in these spaces that will benefit the community. I have a few thoughts on the subject that have been kicked around before that I believe need to be revisited.


Our current businesses need to be able to grow without the government hassle. Brat’s Motors is a prime example of what can go wrong when the government isn’t looking to better its community. He was a much loved and respected business owner who just wanted to expand his business. This should have never happened. This needs to be changed.


Homelessness and Mental Health


We need to deal with our mental health issues that include the homeless, drug addiction and suicide.  

Many of the calls our officers have to go to are mental health calls. They do a great job diffusing situations but its only a band-aid to a much greater problem. Port Hueneme has no mental health outreach programs. I would like to create a committee to look into forming a group of individuals that includes a mental health professional that can provide support with these calls.  

Our homeless population is a much-needed problem that needs a working solution. Nothing is being done about this aside from moving them from one space to another. Many of them suffer from mental health issues and drug addiction. I want to create a committee that will tackle this problem and come up with ideas that will work. They need medication, jobs, a place to stay and to be free from addiction. We have a drug addiction center here locally but it costs too much for them. 


I would like to utilize the American Foundation for Suicide Prevention and the Ventura County Public Health and get much-needed help and resources to lower those numbers in our community.


Community Investment


I would like to help create ideas for more community-based events that showcase PH. The pride of our community is our beach.  We need to maximize  on this and bring back events that invited the public  where we can showcase our community.  Obviously, during this time there are certain restrictions and health concerns, but this is something we need to consider for future planning and development.  


The Boys & Girls Club needs to be improved upon. It’s a hidden gem that could be a much-needed resource for our youth. One idea is to bring in a boxing ring with qualified professionals that have years of experience in the field to train and mentor troubled youth.


The people have voiced their interest in a dog park. After speaking with professionals, I believe we can come up with a solution that will benefit everyone. It may require creating a committee to explore these ideas and present the case before the council.

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