Oxnard School District Candidates

Two incumbents and one candidate are running unopposed in Areas 1, 2 and 4.

Each will therefore take their seats without appearing on the November ballot.

Note regarding Covid-19: No greater weight of obligation has faced those serving on our county and the nation's school boards in our lifetimes that how best to balance the education of our children against their health and that of their families during a time of pandemic. The decisions made by local school districts are in part autonomous, but also the product of county, state and federal agencies. We therefore ask the understanding of all voters: we must all respect that the positions of every single candidate for school board are rooted in the well being of our children for whom they accept this most solemn responsibility. The teachers and staffs deserve nothing less than our thanks and our support.

Katalina Martinez


Candidate, Oxnard

School District, Area 1

Jarely Lopez


Incumbent, Oxnard

School District, Area 2

Monica Madrigal Lopez


Incumbent, Oxnard

School District, Area 4