Paul Baelly: On the Issues

Why are you running for this office?


I am running for Superior Court Judge to further my commitment to public service.



Please list key published articles/books if applicable (include links where possible).


Kulko v. Superior Court of California, The Supreme Court and the Family, 14 Journal of Contemporary Legal Issues 1-534 (2004).



Name up to three ways that you will contribute to improving the judiciary.


Experience and Training:  As a County of Ventura Superior Court Commissioner, I have handled traffic, small claims civil, probate and criminal matters for over 2 years.  I am currently presiding over criminal matters, including jury trials.  My daily calendar includes cases that any Superior Court Judge would handle.

I have attended over 4 weeks of judicial training, including graduation of the B.E. Witkin Judicial College, 2019.



Identify up to three most important current public issues that the courts are currently addressing, or that you expect to be addressed during the course of the next 5 years.


As a current Court Commissioner, I am governed by the canons of judicial ethics which prevents me from answering this question.



Name up to three court judges or justices that you most admire — and, briefly, why.


Ventura County Superior Court Judge Kevin McGee.  Judge McGee is the epitome of judicial professionalism.

Ventura County Superior Court Judge Roger Lund.  Judge Lund's friendly and pragmatic approach is something I aspire to achieve.

California Supreme Court Chief Justice Tani Gorre Cantil-Sakauye.  I have had the honor of meeting and speaking with her on two occasions.  She is a humble, intelligent and thoughtful judicial officer.  All qualities essential to being a Judge.



What is your judicial philosophy as it applies to the U.S. Constitution?


As a Superior Court Commissioner, I have taken an oath to uphold and defend the Constitution.



What public policy area(s) are you most interested in and feel the most passion for personally?


As a current Superior Court Commissioner, I am governed by the canons of judicial ethics which prevents me from answering this question.



Do you plan to run for higher office in the future?




Please list candidates you have endorsed publicly, if any.


Judge Tony Sabo.

Judge Derek Malan.



Please list candidates and organizations that have endorsed you, if any.


Ventura County Sheriff Bill Ayub

District Attorney Greg Totten

Chief Ken Corney of the Ventura Police Department

Chief Scott Whitney of the Oxnard Police Department

Ventura County Deputy Sheriff’s Association

Ventura County Professional Peace Officers’ Association

Ventura County Prosecutors’ Association

Ventura County Sheriff Geoff Dean, (Retired)

Oxnard Peace Officers’ Association 

All 29 Current County of Ventura Superior Court Judges:

Hon. David M. Hirsch

Hon. Bruce A. Young, Assistant Presiding Judge.

Hon. Nancy L. Ayers

Hon. Gilbert A. Romero, Supervising Criminal Division Judge.

Hon. Matthew P. Guasco

Hon. Jeffrey G. Bennett

Hon. Kent M. Kellegrew, Presiding Judge.

Hon. Anthony J. Sabo

Hon. Michele M. Castillo

Hon. Ryan J. Wright

Hon. Derek D. Malan

Hon. John R. Smiley

Hon. Michael S. Lief

Hon. William Q. Liebmann, Supervising Family Law Division Judge.

Hon. JoAnn Johnson

Hon. Patricia M. Murphy

Hon. Mark S. Borrell, Presiding Appellate Division Judge.

Hon. Vincent J. O'Neill

Hon. Henry J. Walsh

Hon. Kevin G. DeNoce, Supervising Civil Division Judge.

Hon. Benjamin F. Coats

Hon. Ronda J. McKaig

Hon. Rocky J. Baio

Hon. David R. Worley

Hon. F. Dino Inumerable

Hon. Tari L. Cody, Supervising Juvenile Division Judge.

Hon. Kevin J. McGee

Hon. Manuel J. Covarrubias

Hon. Roger L. Lund

County of Ventura Superior Court Judges (retired):

Hon. Brian J. Back, (Retired)

Hon. Glen M. Reiser, (Retired)

Hon. Collen (Toy) White, (Retired)

Hon. John E. Dobroth, (Retired)

Hon. Steven Hintz, (Retired)       

Hon. David W. Long, (Retired)

Hon. Frederick H. Bysshe, (Retired)

Hon. Rebecca S. Riley, (Retired)

Hon. Ken W. Riley, (Retired)

County of Ventura Superior Court Commissioners:

Hon. William R. Redmond

Hon. Judith D. Rhodes

Hon. Julia A. Snyder



If you have been rated by the Bar Association, what was that rating?


Commissioner Paul Baelly has been rated as Well Qualified for the office of Superior Court Judge. Commission Baelly received a rating of Outstanding in the categories of Judicial Temperament and Professional Reputation and a rating of Very Good in the categories of Professional Ability, Professional Experience and Work Ethic/Resource Management. 



Have you ever been disciplined by the State Bar or the Commission on Judicial Performance? If so, please explain.




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