Robbie Hidalgo On the Issues

Issue statements by candidates are quoted from public media statements either direct or edited for brevity.


A suite of issues, encompassing public safety, housing affordability, infrastructure, social adversities, and others, are suffering from a lack of community unity, causing city government to be paralyzed, sinking more deeply into partisan conflict and dysfunction. I have worked with all parties in Simi Valley for years and am equipped to lead without posturing in order to make city government functional, transparent, accessible and accountable.


City Budget

Our city suffers from a structured budget already in deficit – an economic crisis. Measures to address this merge with economic development shortcomings. CalPERS pension obligations and over-dependence on developers has been exposed by the current pandemic and the fact that Simi Valley is built out. The city must move away from fixed annuities and pension obligation bonds as a fix.


Local Business

Simi Valley is challenged by the disadvantage of being land locked. The City Manager is also carrying a multiple job portfolio that reduces our effectiveness in attracting and growing new small business. The deterioration of Town Center is another problem. I will emphasize innovative approaches to attract new business through collaborations with county, state and federal agencies will renew our city’s value proposition.

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