Ronald Arruejo On the Issues

Improving our Infrastructure

Fixing our streets is long overdue. Repairing the roads not only enhances the city’s look, but also saves money for drivers on costly repairs to their vehicles. I will make sure that the benefits are highlighted more in budget discussions with regards to improving our roadways and thoroughfares.


Working with Local Leaders

With the recently approved development pact for the Sakioka Farms project between Del Norte Boulevard and Rice Avenue, District 3 should have a prominent say in how it is developed since it sits entirely in the district. I will make sure to get input from the businesses already in Oxnard to determine best practices and incorporate that into the development of the new project. Moreover, recommendations solicited from the neighborhoods nearby will ensure that there is a synergy with the residents so that the entire district will benefit from everyone’s ideas. As the largest city in Ventura County, Oxnard is a powerhouse for the region. We need to leverage the potential of Oxnard more with our county supervisors and our state legislators. I will work to engage with them in making Oxnard a higher priority in their budgets.


Investing in Oxnard

Oxnard is being dragged down by past financial and managerial mistakes which are negatively impacting current and potential economic growth. Even though Oxnard is the largest city in the county which should give it economic heft in the direction of the region, it is being propped up by some surrounding municipalities which have had more innovative and sustainable actions. I will bring an infusion of new ideas to not only fix the problems of the past, but also to start investing in the future for its long-term prosperity. Whether it is setting up the foundation for an economic resurgence, utilizing ideas already out there to fit Oxnard’s uniqueness, or quickly and efficiently solving lingering problems, the time is now to invest in Oxnard’s future.

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