Dr. Roseann Mikos

Issue statements by candidates are quoted from public media statements either direct or edited for brevity.


Do you support the present coronavirus policies of Ventura County and affiliate cities? Do you support current plans to reopen business and other public venues prior to the general availability of a COVID-19 treatment and/or vaccine? What would you change?

First of all, we need to follow the facts. We cannot just pretend like this virus doesn’t exist and open everything back up like it was before. We know more now than we did 6 months ago about Coronavirus, but that should not give us the false confidence that we can easily control it with little consequence when 200,000 Americans are dead. I believe wearing a mask and social distancing is the best way to reduce the spread of the virus, until a vaccine is in wide use across our county.


We all saw the spike in cases over the summer when restrictions were eased. We must recognize that we are an adjacent county to Los Angeles, where the number of infections vastly outnumber ours. Many of the residents that live in Ventura County commute or work within LA County. A complete easing of restrictions in Ventura county has the potential to have an influx of visitors from LA counties who are statistically more likely to have Covid-19. It is not an easy thing I am asking. I recognize that deciding to continue Covid-19 restrictions and follow science will place hardships on many of the people and families who live in Ventura County. With that burden, I still believe that if we follow the guidelines and restrictions, we can get over this nightmare faster.


If yes, what are the necessary conditions under which a full reopening could take place? If no, why not and to what degree could public and business activities be restored in the meantime?

I support the coordinated efforts of the Ventura County health officials who are working closely with the state and local governments to send the same message, working in cohesion to adjust restrictive policies as needed based on science. I believe that public and business activities could be restored when it is deemed, based on the science, safe to do so. 


How, specifically, would you help to improve or reform the local Police Department?

Moorpark is one of the top safest cities in the USA, the third safest city in California, and the safest in Ventura County, so obviously we are doing something right. You don’t hit the 92nd percentile for safety without doing many things right. As mayor I intend to continue this commitment to public safety. That being said, I believe it would be irresponsible, given the national protests, if as Mayor I did not start a conversation with Moorpark Police to see if there are areas that could be improved upon.  


If elected, what, if any, remedies to systemic racism would you help Moorpark implement? 

While systemic racism, sadly, is a major factor in our nation, I do not believe that it is rampant throughout Moorpark. Nevertheless, we are not immune to it either! I am a strong believer in social and environmental justice and believe we DO need to have conversations about this throughout our community, and that doing so will bring people together more and more, rather than tear them apart. 


Everyone in our community has a role to play in being more fair to EVERYONE. I want to inspire and facilitate as many of those conversations as possible. We will have more opportunity to promote fairness in the general plan update and when we redraw the district lines after the 2020 census. These are all important ways to build a stronger, diverse and respectful community throughout Moorpark.


Why are you running for re-election, now for Mayor, as an incumbent member of City Council?

I am running for mayor so I can build leadership throughout our city, particularly in the younger generation, while promoting leadership on the whole City Council as well. I want to help people realize they have a role to play in our government. It is not just we elected officials who count. I will bring a level of detail, thoughtfulness, balance, experience and inclusiveness to our community. I believe that being business friendly and being environmentally friendly are not mutually exclusive. Being environmentally sustainable IS good business and is good FOR business. We can do it while still promoting the kind of small, safe, friendly and vibrant community we have come to know and love.


Have you previously held public office? If yes please provide a list with dates.

Yes. I have been a member of the Moorpark City Council since 2000 and remain a member of the current Moorpark City Council, with my current term ending on December 2, 2020.


Please list key published articles/books if applicable (include links where possible).

Since 1996, I have written more than 20 “commentary” articles on numerous topics published in the Ventura County Star, the Moorpark Acorn, the Los Angeles Times or the Los Angeles Daily News. I have co-written two ballot initiatives, as well as many winning grants for local or regional non profits, public agencies and schools. This is a selected list of some of them.


“Moorpark Save Open-space and Agricultural Resources – 2050 initiative,” or “Moorpark SOAR – 2050.” (Measure E). A legislative initiative measure to be directly submitted to the voters.  Moorpark, CA: City of Moorpark, Submitted October 29, 2015. (Co-author with Richard Francis)

Landfill OK includes benefit for Moorpark (op-ed essay).  The Star (Ventura County, CA), July 24, 2011, B-9. See attached pdf from electronic version.

Arts center investment a bargain for Moorpark (op-ed essay). The Star (Ventura County, CA), June 12, 2009. See attached pdf from electronic version.

Council member roles, public involvement (op-ed guest opinion).  Moorpark Acorn (Moorpark, CA), December 1, 2006, page 4.   https://www.mpacorn.com/articles/guest-opinion-17/

Community Transformation Grant: Transforming Ventura County Communities.  ([Winning] Grant Application to the U.S. Department of Human Services/Federal Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC)). [CFDA #93.531]. Ventura, CA: Ventura County Public Health Department and K & M Enterprises,
July 15, 2011. (Lead writer, with others)

The High School @ Moorpark College:  A Middle College High School (MCHS) Project—Moorpark College FSS RFA # 05-0134 Grant Application.  ([Winning] Proposal to Chancellor's Office, California Community Colleges, Fund for Student Success Unit).  Moorpark, CA: Moorpark College, April 13, 2005. (with others)

“Moorpark Save Open-space and Agricultural Resources,” or “Moorpark SOAR,” initiative (Measure S). A legislative initiative measure to be directly submitted to the voters.  Moorpark, CA: City of Moorpark, Submitted June 19, 1998. (Co-author with Richard Francis)

Participatory Democracy Works (op-ed essay).  The Star (Ventura County, CA), July 7, 1996,     D-6.


Please list and describe any pro bono or community service work, including name(s) of organization(s).

All of my board/committee work for the various boards I currently sit on has been done with no pay: Santa Monica Mountains Conservancy Advisory Committee, Economic Development Collaborative, Clean Power Alliance.


I have been a member of Save Open-space and Agricultural Resources (SOAR) since 1996, and as such I co-authored and led passage of Moorpark “Save Open-space and Agricultural Resources” (SOAR) initiative twice. This happened in 1998-99 and again in 2015-16 to extend the protections until 2050. I recruited, mobilized, trained, and supervised more than 200 volunteers to place these initiatives on the ballot and to get them passed. This was all pro bono.


Related to that, and not as part of the SOAR organization, but as a private concerned citizen, I recruited, mobilized, trained, and supervised more than 400 volunteers to educate the public and get out the vote on “No on North Park” in 2005-2006. This was a SOAR vote to stop an urban sprawl project; our Moorpark community did successfully vote it down.


Additional organizations for which I have served pro bono were:

• Community Action of Ventura County, Inc. (CAVC), Public Sector Board Member representing the 4th Supervisorial District, (2001 to 2014); Served two years as Chair; CAVC serves low income population in Ventura County.

• Fox Canyon Ground Water Management Agency--Director (representing five cities in the ground water basin, appointed by the City Select Committee)--2001- 2005.  


I have been a volunteer docent, since 1991, leading hikes and mountain biking treks in Happy Camp Canyon Regional Park in Moorpark for the Santa Monica Mountains Conservancy/Mountains Recreation and Conservation Authority.


For my church, Holy Cross Catholic Church in Moorpark, I served as a volunteer for funding outreach to parishioners during a major capital raising project many years ago to raise the funds to expand and improve the church and ancillary buildings.


I have had member and committee involvement in 7 other area organizations between 1981-2014.


Name up to three ways that you will contribute to improving Moorpark as Mayor and through the City Council.

I will enable the entire City Council to have more say in the nomination process for commissioner appointments than they have ever had before. All Council members will know that a Mikos Mayor will pledge to nominate a person desired by each of the four members and the Mayor, after applicants have been thoroughly evaluated. This can help build more Council leadership and more community leadership through the commissioner appointments. A more diverse set of commissioners is intended to result from this new more inclusive way of nominating and appointing.


I will work toward inspiring and facilitating community engagement and participation, especially regarding the ongoing General Plan Update. I will encourage City Council members to do the same so that we all work harder at showing real respect to people of all viewpoints and persuasions, even those with whom we might disagree.


I will lead the effort to study the term limits options at the earliest opportunity, after being sworn in as Mayor. As part of this process, I will seek to have the Council place term limits on the ballot for both Mayor and Council members so that the people will ultimately decide if they want to have term limits. There has been considerable sentiment to institute term limits from some segments of the community, so it is now time for us to completely evaluate this and have a vote of the people to decide if Moorpark should do this.


Name the three most important current public issues that Moorpark currently faces, or that you expect it to face during the course of your term in office.

INSPIRED PUBLIC PARTICIPATION IN GENERAL PLAN UPDATE ACTIVITIES: Like many cities in California, Moorpark is under pressure to produce more affordable housing. As Mayor it will be a vitally important issue to manage the development of housing for ALL income levels, including more affordable and low-income housing as well as market rate housing, while still protecting the open spaces and promoting the kind of lifestyle and community people have come to love in Moorpark. The General Plan update which will lay the foundations for the future of Moorpark until 2050, and is therefore an issue that will affect residents for generations.


BALANCING ENVIRONMENTAL STEWARDSHIP WITH SMART GROWTH AND BUSINESS DEVELOPMENT: I believe creating a healthy atmosphere for businesses to succeed in Moorpark is going to be critically important, particularly as the impacts of Covid-19 continue to hurt businesses. Balancing smart growth techniques in combination with environmental stewardship is how we will help preserve what is great about our community, while developing it for the future.


ENSURING PUBLIC SAFETY WHILE ALSO ADVOCATING FOR SOCIAL JUSTICE: One of the great things we all love about Moorpark and why people choose to move here is because of how safe it is. I intend to keep it that way. I believe in facilitating a conversation on social justice issues in Moorpark to see where we might improve the safety of our community, and when appropriate, deciding on which steps to take to do so.


Do you plan to run for higher office in the future?

I have no intentions of running for higher office.


Please list candidates you have endorsed publicly, if any.

• Julia Brownley (US Congress)

• Jacqui Irwin (State Assembly)

• Henry Stern (State Senate)

• Carmen Ramirez (Ventura County Supervisor)

• Phil Loos (Simi Valley CC)

• Ryan Valencia (Simi Valley CC)


Please list candidates and organizations that have endorsed you, if any.


• Environmental Coalition of Ventura County

• Moorpark Democratic Club

• Save Open Space, Santa Monica Mountains

• Ventura County Democratic Central Committee

• Ventura County Young Democrats

• Ventura County Women’s Political Council


Current and former public officials as well as current candidates:

• Bernardo Perez (Ventura County Community College District Trustee, Chair; Former Councilmember and Mayor, City of Moorpark) 

• Dr. Clint Harper (Former Moorpark Mayor and Councilmember; Former MUSD School Board Member; Former Moorpark Arts Commissioner) 

• Bob Peskay (Former Planning Commissioner, City of Moorpark) 

• Joseph Catrambone (Former Moorpark Parks and Recreation Commissioner)

• Thomas Pflaumer, (Former Chair, Moorpark Parks and Recreation Commissioner)

• Linda Parks, Ventura County Supervisor, District 2 

• Carmen Ramirez, Oxnard Mayor Pro Tem and Candidate for Ventura County Supervisor, District 5

• Ruth Luevanos, Simi Valley City Councilmember 

• Fran Pavley (Former CA State Senator, Former CA State Assembly Member; and Former MUSD Middle School Teacher)

• Richard Francis (Co-architect, Save Open-space and Agricultural Resources (SOAR) movement and Co-author of all SOAR measures (county and city); Former Ventura City Councilmember

• Kathy Long, Ventura County Supervisor (RET.)

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