Ryan Valencia On the Issues


My overall goal is a Sustainable Simi Valley, through economic sustainability, environmental sustainability, and fiscal sustainability. We have to maintain the character of our community, not just for the residents living here today, but for the generations of residents to come as stewards of our future.


City Government Reform

I am taking a pledge to run a clean, issue-focused campaign. This campaign will be centered on how we preserve our quality of life not only for current residents, but for the generations of residents to come. I will refuse to take a dollar in donations from developers for our campaign and will fight for campaign finance reform. I’ll work to introduce an independent Ethics Commission made up of residents to help handle inquiries on conduct and ethical behavior in local government and its various authorities, boards and commissions. We’ll hold regular coffees and conversations with District 3’s residents to provide them updates and information on the issues impacting them. I’ll be your voice in City Hall.


Economic Development

I will focus on economic development, growth, and a proactive approach to supporting small businesses that will increase the stock of good paying jobs that keep up with our cost of living. I propose launching a Simi Valley Business Incubator that will be a co-working space for start-ups in sectors such as tech. Simi Valley needs to develop a 2040 vision that reflects our economic sectors with the most growth potential to invest in the future of our economy. I will help build a coalition for manufacturing career pathways and trade apprenticeships by bringing together businesses, the city, labor, school district, college district, nonprofits and county entities for strategic partnerships. College is not the only avenue to high-wage, good paying jobs for our residents. I will facilitate partnerships and associations of small businesses for the planning of economic development corridors, such as the Los Angeles Avenue Area. I will seek to protect our hometown mom and pop and legacy businesses. We must implement a municipal wireless network to ensure every student and entrepreneur has access to basic internet service. City Council must partner with our school district on a citywide “Coding Literacy” campaign.


Simi Valley Town Center

One of the most critical responsibilities of the 3rd District’s Councilmember should be taking a leading role in the future of the Simi Valley Town Center that is located in the district’s boundaries. The redevelopment of our Town Center into a vibrant, community-centered project has the potential of providing a huge boost to our local economy.


Affordable Housing and Homelessness

Prioritize workforce housing to provide for inclusionary neighborhoods. Development balanced with public transit will reduce traffic in the long-term. Homelessness is a multi-layered issue that includes the challenges of a lack of affordable housing, mental health, and/or drug addiction. With effective triaging, partnerships with staple nonprofits such as the Samaritan Center, and expanding the Street Outreach efforts of our Police Department, we can get our unhoused populations the wraparound services and support they need to transition to permanent housing. We have a responsibility for our unhoused neighbors


Emergency Management and Response

Between COVID-19 and lengthier fire seasons, we have learned the dire need for continuing to enhance emergency response and readiness in our city. I am proud to have participated and completed our local Community Emergency Response Training (CERT) program for that reason. We have a strong relationship with the Ventura County Fire Department that must continue to be nurtured. With our Ventura County first responders we must identify our vulnerable populations, such as seniors, for strategic emergency evacuations.  We must increase our energy storage capability and long-term investment in microgrids to limit the need for public safety power shutoffs. Our COVID-19 response must be evaluated and developed to prevent deep impacts in the future



Open space is what makes Simi Valley such a special place to live. I’ll fight to preserve and protect our hillsides and open space. My work on the Santa Susana Field Laboratory clean-up will continue as a member of City Council to hold stakeholders accountable to the clean-up SSFL. I will work to establish a Groundwater Working Group with federal, state, and local partners for oversight of contaminants in groundwater such as PFAS and perchlorate. We must strengthen our Climate Action Plan (SV-CAP) to set the goal of becoming a net-zero carbon city by 2045. We’ll join other cities’ efforts to expand the Santa Monica Mountains National Recreation Area to our valley through the Rim of the Valley Corridor to bolster ecotourism and a regional hub for outdoor activities such as hiking and backpacking

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