Steve Pell: On the Issues

Why are you running for this office?


I am running for Judge of the Superior Court to give back to the community after more than four decades of practicing law in Ventura.



Please list key published articles/books..


People v. Freeman (2013) 220 Cal.App.4th 607

People v. Orloff (2009) (2nd-B211573) 74 Cal. Comp. Cases 1330

People v. Coulter (2008) 163 Cal.App.4th 1117

People v. Andrade (2000) 79 Cal.App.4th 651

In Re Marriage of Fox (1986) 180 Cal.App.3d 861

Deyo v. Kilbourne (1978) 84 Cal.App.3d 772



Name up to three ways that you will contribute to improving the judiciary.


Efficiency, thoughtful administration of justice and accessibility.


Identify up to three most important current public issues that the courts are currently addressing, or that you expect to be addressed during the course of the next 5 years.


It would not be appropriate for me to comment on any issue which may come before me as a jurist.



Name up to three court judges or justices that you most admire — and, briefly, why.


Justice Stanley Mosk; I liked his views on determinate sentencing.  

Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg; I like her grit. 

Judge David W. Long; I like his determination.



What is your judicial philosophy as it applies to the U.S. Constitution?


I have taken an oath to uphold and defend the Constitution.



What public policy area(s) are you most interested in and feel the most passion for personally?


It would not be appropriate for me to comment on any issue which may come before me as a jurist.



Do you plan to run for higher office in the future?





Please list candidates you have endorsed publicly, if any.


I have previously endorsed Judge Ellen Gay Conroy and Judge Robert L. Shaw



Please list candidates and organizations that have endorsed you, if any.


Former Ventura Mayor R. Dennis Orrock



If you have been rated by the Bar Association, what was that rating?


 Steven Pell has been rated as Not Qualified for the office of Superior Court Judge. Mr. Pell received a rating of Satisfactory in the categories of Professional Experience and Judicial Temperament and a rating of Unsatisfactory in the categories of Professional Ability, Professional Reputation and Work Ethic/Resource Management. 



Have you ever been disciplined by the State Bar or the Commission on Judicial Performance?




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