T. J. McInturff On the Issues

Issue statements by candidates are quoted from public media statements either direct or edited for brevity.

What are the three most important issues Simi Valley faces?


Jobs, education, and safety. Businesses are closing and layoffs are too high. We have many vacant retail and commercial industrial buildings. We need to attract businesses back to Simi Valley and create jobs. As a council member, I will always back the teachers of Simi Valley. I will strive to ensure educators have the proper resources needed to teach our children. In addition, it is essential that public library services, early education, and after-school programs are adequately funded, I fully support our police officers and firefighters. Simi Valley is one of the safest cities to live in and it is my goal to continuously improve upon the safety of our neighborhoods and the security of our families.



Did you support Simi Valley's SOAR measure renewal in the 2016 election?


Yes. I am opposed to urban sprawl. I also see that the majority of people of Simi Valley are against building out into our hills and I want to be the voice of our people. I don't want to see Simi Valley turn into the San Fernando Valley, being over congested and over populated.



Did you support Measure AA, the Ventura County Transportation Commission's half-cent, 30-year transit sales tax measure in the 2016 election?


No. Thirty years is a long time to add a tax on what seems to be a system that has flaws. I think the measure needs some reform in order for me to support it. I also think keeping our sales tax lower then Los Angeles County is something that we should strive for to encourage more business to buy and shop in Ventura County, but especially Simi Valley as we border the county line.

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