Tim Flynn On the Issues

Issue statements by candidates are quoted from public media statements either direct or edited for brevity.

Economic Development & Job Creation

County government must focus on effective economic development initiatives that grow the number and mix of good-paying jobs in Ventura County. The Board of Supervisors can create many jobs by redeveloping Channel Islands Harbor, promoting both alternative and traditional energy sources and advocating more profitable and sustainable agriculture in Ventura County. Most importantly, economic vitality in Ventura County should have the same focus as other top priorities like Public Safety and the County Health System. The county adopted its first economic development strategic plan in 2017, and should now engage cities, businesses, educational institutions, unions and business advocacy groups in a more aggressive implementation of the plan. 

Revitalization of Channel Islands Harbor and Fisherman's Wharf

At one time, Channel Islands Harbor and Fishermen’s Wharf was a showcase -- a major destination for county residents and tourists alike. Fishermen's Wharf today is an area in economic decline, with run-down buildings and unmaintained areas throughout.  Once elected, I will make the redevelopment of Fishermen's Wharf my top economic and job growth priority.  The County of Ventura, together with its residents should now produce a coherent Public Works Plan instead of cobbling together a series of inadequate amendments.


Prioritize Mental Health to Reduce Homelessness

Chronic homelessness can largely be reduced through the vigorous implementation of Ventura County’s Assist Program. Adopted in 2017 from Laura’s Law, Assist allows judges to order outpatient treatment for mentally-ill people who have refused treatment. As a County Supervisor, I will work with the leadership and Behavioral Health to bring this service-resistant homeless population into the program.


Expand Youth Intervention to Prevent Gang Affiliation

The Ventura County Sheriff's Department has been successful with preventing gang affiliation through the Safe Passages initiative. The program is currently limited to two apartment complexes in Thousand Oaks. As a County Supervisor, I will work with the leadership to implement the program in El Rio, Nyeland Acres and the City of Oxnard.


Establish Neighborhood Councils

Involving the community in decision-making is crucial to effective and successful good government. The unincorporated areas of the 5th Supervisorial District need neighborhood councils or advisory boards to allow residents to participate in the decision-making for the Coastal Zone.

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