Tony Trembley On the Issues

Issue statements by candidates are quoted from public media statements either direct or edited for brevity.


Open space preservation

Strong open-space preservation laws require the city to focus on growing the local economy within the existing city footprint. I believe the city should emphasize mixed-use infill development and creation of additional multifamily and affordable housing within the  city core. Our city’s future economic vitality also depends upon our addressing water availability and traffic issues.


The local economy

As a former president of the Camarillo Chamber of Commerce, I think there is room for lots of improvement. The City Council must increase its emphasis on attracting new businesses and retaining existing businesses. There is a need to streamline and make the permitting process less costly. I also oppose the imposition of new fees on businesses.


Public safety

Thanks to the Ventura County Sheriff’s Department, Camarillo rates very highly in public safety for its citizens. I support the addition of a small number of sworn personnel to focus on specific concerns, e.g., property crimes and other matters as they evolve.



Natural resources, including water, available open space and parks within the city, are of vital importance. Concerning water availability, we must continue strong water conservation targets and encourage development of “new” water sources, including brackish water desalinization and recycled water.


City finances

The Council needs to address the sustainability of continued transfers of monies from the city’s General Fund to various operating funds, and keep an eye on employee pension liability.


Trust in government

We need to actively increase communication between the City Council, residents and other public agencies serving Camarillo. Creating new outreach opportunities includes regular town hall meetings; initiating the use of social media; and using a rolling calendar system to provide greater advance notice of issues before the City Council.


Affordable housing

Focus on affordable housing and mixed-use infill development within the existing city core, including reuse of properties in areas where existing development is inefficient or where the area has been previously identified for redevelopment, e.g. the Arneill-Mobil corridor. It is vital to our city’s economic growth that employees of Camarillo businesses can live in Camarillo.


Old Town Camarillo

I is important to meet regularly with business owners and residents in Old Town, obtain their input on how to improve Old Town Camarillo and try some new approaches. The Old Town area must be a destination point for retail shopping, restaurants, art and cultural exhibitions, nighttime activities and other uses that encourage a vibrant, traditional downtown setting.

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