Trevor Quirk: On the Issues

1.  Why are you running for this office?


I am running as a Write In Candidate for District 1 Supervisor because I am the only candidate who has the unique ability to bring people together, and inspire them to solve problems.   I have a proven track record of doing it during the Thomas Fire, Montecito Mudslides and Woolsey Fire, all when there was no political motivation to help.  I believe we elect politicians to deliver solutions, not lawsuits.  


The reason I am a “write in candidate,” as opposed to being listed on the ballot, in late November (prior to the December 6th deadline to be listed on the ballot), I sat down with my opponent for coffee. I asked him if there were any issues I need to know about.  He said no.  After a long conversation, I told him I would not run against him.  After the December 6th deadline expired, the City served 14,000 lawsuits on Ventura County Residents.  Many of them are my neighbors.  I telephoned my opponent and asked him why he did not tell me about that during coffee.  He said, he “forgot.”  I then offered to set up townhall meetings so he could explain what happened to the people.  He declined.  Here I am. 



2.  Please list key published articles/books, if any, that you have written (include links where possible).


Link to article re: water lawsuit here:  



3.  Name up to three ways that you will contribute to improving Ventura County as a member of the Board of Supervisors.





4.  Name the three most important current public issues that Ventura County currently faces, or that you expect it to face during the course of your term in office.


The three most important public issues facing Ventura County are (1) government transparency and accountability; (2) protecting our environmental (3) homelessness and jobs .  My opponent, the City Mayor, chose to spend $4,438,000 of our taxpayer money on Walnut Creek lawyers to sue more than 14,000 Ventura  County Residents for a problem (the Ventura River) the City has known and failed to fix for 21 years.  In 1998, the State warned the City, in writing, about the problem.  The City did nothing.  In 2007, the Feds (NOAA) warned the City, in writing, about the problem.  The City did nothing.  In 2013, the City's own consultant (Hopkins) warned the City about the problem.  The City did nothing.  In 2014, ChannelKeepers, a non-profit warned the City, in writing, it was going to file a lawsuit unless the City fixed the problem.  The City did nothing.  In 2014, the ChannelKeepers sued the City.  The City's response?  It's not our fault, it is everyone else's.  Rather than bringing people together and fixing the problem, the City and my opponent spent $4.4M of our taxpayer money suing us.  Private investigators are serving our neighbors with lawsuits and taking their pictures in the privacy of their own home.  On January 12, 2020, my opponent was asked whether he voted to sue the people. He responded: "I can't talk about the votes in closed session."  The people organized a movement.  The votes were released. We elect politicians to deliver lawsuits, not solutions.  I have a proven track record of bringing people together and fixing problems, not tearing them apart. I will do that as District 1 Supervisor.


The biggest issues facing Ventura County are protecting our environmental resources, quality of life, homelessness and jobs.  These factors are interdependent.  They go hand-in-hand.  When we improve the environment and preserve our natural resources, such as the River, people follow. Businesses follow people.  Jobs follow businesses.


5.  Name three people, living or dead, who have most inspired and influence you.


My Wife, Mom, Dad, Grandma and brother.



6. What in your educational, professional, and community background has best prepared you to succeed in the position as a member of the County Board of Supervisors?


BS in Environmental Policy, UC Davis 1999. 

Juris Doctorate, UOP McGeorge School of Law 2003



7.  What about the character of Ventura County would you say makes it special?


The Community.  When faced with adversity, we respond like no other Community anywhere on Earth.  I know that because I’ve experienced it first hand and because the BBC told me that while interviewing me for a documentary in my living room during the Thomas Fire.



8.  Do you plan to run for higher office in the future?





9.  Please list candidates you have endorsed publicly, if any.




10.  Please list candidates and organizations that have endorsed you, if any.


I’ve only been in the race for one month.  The Peoples’ Movement endorses me.  I was also just endorsed by the Ventura Manufactured Home Residence Council.



11.  How serious is the near zero financial growth in Ventura County for several years now, and what is your vision to stimulate the local economy--assuming that you plan to use your position to do so?


Huge issue.  It’s worse than “near zero.”  It’s five straight years of negative economic decline.  I am the only candidate who fortuitously grew up in Sacramento, CA.  Sacramento is bordered by two Rivers and used to have the same problem as Ventura County.  It’s Rivers looked like the Ventura River until the City and County said “enough.”  The invested in their Rivers.  When they rejuvenated them, the people came.  Bay Area money poured in.  Businesses followed the people.  Sacramento’s downtown area is now thriving.   There is no reason we cannot do that here.



12.  If Ventura County transitions from fossil-based energy to renewables, how should that transition be managed over what period of time? Address the positive or negative role that SoCal Edison working with the Clean Power Alliance now plays in that transition.


The transition from fossil based fuels should have already happened. Climate Change is real and, we should act, now.  SoCal Edison does not have the peoples’ trust.  Just like the City Mayor.  When you betray the people, they are unwilling to open their door to you.  We must see actions from SoCal Edison, not words.  Their most recent action in passing SB-901, which allowed them to pass the wildfire costs onto their customers via rate increases is, sadly, another example of that entity betraying the people.  



13.  Housing relief is a problem for both younger middle class would-be home owners and for sheltering the homeless population. How can affordable housing for both best be achieved?


Redevelopment as opposed to new development.



14.  How can wildfire alert systems as well as resources to quickly supply overwhelming response be improved?


This is a huge issue to me because I fought the Thomas Fire, Woolsey Fire, Maria Fire and shoveled mud out of Montecito Homes, all via non-profit disaster relief organizations.  Local organizations and people MUST be integrated into the existing County structure.  During the disasters, the County Fire Department was calling us for real time information, directions, gate codes, updates, etc. 



15.  Would the county health care and hospital network best serve constituents by improving the current net-work or expanding the system? How would you go about balancing doing both?


Yes, see answer to 14.



16.  Do you favor or oppose a ban on gun shows in the county such as at the Ventura Fair Grounds? Are state and federal laws sufficient to make such shows safe if fully enforced?


Oppose, but they should be limited to recreational (non high capacity assault weapon) firearms only.  I grew up hunting and fishing.  I believe high capacity assault rifles should only be in the hands of our police and military organizations.



17.  Do county residents have sufficient access to quality water and waste water disposal services, and if not what reforms would you help the county to implement?


No, the County regulations and permitting process need a complete overhaul.  I know from first hand experiences.  I built a house in Upper Ojai and the permitting process was a complete nightmare. 



18.  Marijuana cultivation and dispensaries are growing rapidly in some parts of Ventura County. How would you regulate both to ensure meeting local demand and benefiting the economy, while addressing concerns for exposure of children and other potentially at-risk populations?


Increase the buffer zone.  I personally saw a marijuana farm less than 500 yards from a public school. I can take anyone to marijuana plants literally growing in someone’s front yard across the street from a public park.  This is totally unacceptable. 



19.  Is the current Living Wage Ordinance of 2001 in need of updating and reform? If so please describe how it should be improved.


Of course it needs improved.  It was enacted 19 years ago.  The Wage rate is $11/hour with $2/hr health benefits or $13/hr without health benefits.  You can’t live on that kind of money. It only applies to Contract for Services with $25k or more in expenditures and a contract term for at least three months.  You can easily see how a contractor could craft a contract to escape the LWO.



20.  Given the lack of important county cultural facilities and that there is no stand-alone department for the county akin to the Los Angeles County Department of Arts and Culture, what should be done to attract and develop major county cultural facilities?


A fully funded Task Force made up of locally owned business people and individual citizens should be created to address this problem, and immediately.   I believe we solve problems by incorporating the people who are experiencing them and know how to solve them.  For example, we created a “Survivor’s Circle” in Upper Ojai for people who lost their homes.  It is a wonderful example of a community (rather than a heavy handed government program) coming together to solve problems.



21 (optional).  This questionnaire is necessarily selective in the interest of brevity and our efforts to call voters’ attention to the priority issues that face Ventura County. Name one additional issue that is too important for this questionnaire to overlook.


Banning balloons (Scientologists just released 1,000 balloons 500 yards from the beach) and plastic bags in Ventura County.  This must and should have already been done.


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