Wayne Hampton Holland III On the Issues

Issue statements by candidates are quoted from public media statements either direct or edited for brevity.



I will develop new measures to reduce this threat. A method which has seen an increase in popularity is utilizing goats to clear the brush. Key areas would be targeted, creating a barrier between the wildfires and structures. This method was successfully used to protect the Ronald Reagan Presidential Library. It also aids in the beautification of our city and could increase property values over time.


Art and Culture

I will be an active advocate of the arts. We have a beautiful theater, wonderful programs at all of our schools, and an audience that engages with and supports the arts. Having worked in professional theater, I intend to use my Broadway and commercial theater connections to enhance existing programs and develop a New Works program. I intend to bridge the gap between community and professional theater. The arts are what give a community culture, identity, and pride - three areas that I will work to enhance.


Financial Literacy

If there is one area of education that is generally lacking, it is financial literacy. Many choose to avoid it and suffer in the long run. As a private financier, a former private equity professional, and a fiscal enthusiast, I will develop an auxiliary program to provide students with the basics of finance as well as resources for further education.

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