Yuri Yurovski On the Issues

Issue statements by candidates are quoted from public media statements either direct or edited for brevity.


The Covid-19 pandemic: preventative practices versus reopening of local business and recreation. 

It should be well balanced. Local businesses should be able to re-open if they follow preventative practices. City of Moorpark is actually is doing a very good job. 


Police reform and systemic racism

My opinion here relates only to the Moorpark Police Department. According to the website safewise.com Moorpark is the 3rd safest city in California. Victor Fazio, Moorpark Chief of Police, has a PhD from Arizona State University and he is a professor of Criminology at USC. I think that Moorpark's police department is doing great job under excellent leadership.


Wildfire and earthquake preparation and alert systems

Public Safety Power Shutoff (PSPS) will definitely affect the everyday life of city residents. Thousands of people are working and studying now from home. As a City Council member, I intend to make one of my main priorities reduction of the negative effects of PSPS.   


Homelessness and affordable housing development

Rising rent prices is definitely one of the primary causes of homelessness. Covid-19 pandemic will definitely amplify the problem. I am supporting affordable housing development. 


Mitigation of traffic congestion

Traffic congestion on Los Angeles Ave. and increasing traffic on Tierra Rejada should be addressed. The City of Moorpark has to implement an intelligent traffic control system  


Treatment of immigrants seeking asylum

I am an immigrant myself. We came to United States almost 30 years ago. I got a H1 work visa. I know a lot of people who were not as lucky as my family. I strongly believe that everyone, especially people seeking asylum, should be treated fairly.


Attracting and stimulating small business in the downtown area

It is serious economic issue. Businesses will come if city population grows and city residents and visitors have disposable income to spend. Housing development will be definitely a step in the right direction.     


Greenbelt and open space preservation

We all want clean water and fresh air for ourselves and for our children. Climate change will bring new challenges in upcoming years. Implementation of green energy sources is extremely important. As a City Council member, I intend to make it one of my main priorities.


Improved access to healthcare, including upgrading of local hospitals

I support Universal Health Care


Gun control versus gun rights

I support gun control.  Universal background checks · Gun dealer licensing · Assault weapon, 50 caliber, and large capacity magazine ban · Safety training for firearms. Waiting period.  State collection and maintenance of firearm sale records


Broadband access

Secure, reliable and affordable broadband internet connection for people to work and study from home.

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